Blue Clifton by Alexa

The blue house by College Hill Park was the first house the Genosky kids lived in all together, where everyone had their own rooms and lots of space. Sean and mom got married while we were living in that house. Hannah was born and brought home to that house. Many parties and tons of holiday dinners were celebrated in that house.

We had lots of family meetings usually with someone running to their room crying at the end. ha! Marcus, Nyk, Jordyn and I lived at the park across the street. We climbed trees so high that we couldn’t get down. We would swing on the swing set to see how high we could get and jump out to see how far we could go. We would ride our bikes down the Clifton Hill Street with no hand over and over again.

Nyk and I made a Halloween haunted house upstairs in the attic. I hung blankets to make the walls and had Halloween music playing. Everyone had to crawl through the haunted house and they would see baby dolls rolled over by trucks and babies hanging from the ceiling. I think we did a great job. Those were good times, Nyk.

At night, Marcus and I would get away from all the little ones and sit on the roof and talk about things. We would look up at the moon and stars chatting about Sean and Lisa and how things weren’t fair. Marcus and I loved it when it rained and snowed. We would make hot chocolate and get our blankets and sit on the front porch and watch. That’s where we made our nicknames up for each other (Candy Cane and Hot Chocolate).

There are so many things that went on in that house. I just can’t believe how fast life goes. We are all grown up doing our own thing and life is so different. I miss those kid days, guys.

Everyone knows we loved to dance and sing. We had many shows downstairs and in the attic. Marcus and I thought we were so much better than Jordyn and Nyk and we would be together and let them do the funny songs and dances. We would show off our performance to everyone who would watch. Oh, how I miss those days.

One Halloween night, Nyk climbed in the tree in the front of the house and jumped down in front of people and scared them to death. It was so mean. We had many times in the attic of spying on the boy next door. Well, maybe just me. Ha Ha When they had parties, Mark, Nyk and I would hide in the backyard and spy on them again.

The trampoline is where we also lived. We had many play dates on that trampoline. We would sleep on it or atleast try too. Sean would go out back with a cookie sheet trying to kill those huge bees. That was funny to watch.

There are so many things that went on in that house. I just can’t believe how fast life goes. We are all grown up doing our own thing and life is so different. I love you all and I hope in the future we can have our kids playing together and creating memories like we did.

Video by A Molly Production


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