Our Family. Our Story.

The Geno Project all started with an idea I had about sharing our family story back in 2012. When reality TV shows were thriving, I contacted National Geographic to give them our pitch.

The Geno Project | Our Family. Our Story.

The Geno Project | Our Family. Our Story.

They reluctantly declined. I imagined our family story was one, unlike many others with our large family being blended with yours, mine, and ours. I thought let’s create our own site to share our stories, videos, and more.

I often go through phases of sharing stories. Raising two generations of nine children has had its ups and downs. Although some of us live thousands of miles apart, we are connected by love in our hearts for one another. From the east coast to the west with the heartland in the middle. Thank you for visiting The Geno Project.
Made with love in Saint Paul, Minnesota.

Our Recent Stories.

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