Children usually get things right. They have a sense of what is sincerely important. They know who to trust, who you can depend on and what things around them are important. They become attached to a few items for reasons that have nothing to do with price. They can transfer emotion into objects that help them maintain security with a sense of harmony.

We lose that as we grow for some reason. The best and fastest items seem to override a forgotten item that has character and invested emotion. But if we take a moment or wo and really look at what is around us and search deep in a memory we will recall what items do have meaning for us. It will have nothing to do with cost or use. It will be about emotion.

A group of People looked in drawers, closets, attics and garages. They looked with not only their eyes but with their hearts. These are the results. The Book of Things was published in 2010.

This book is so much more than a cookbook. It is a collection of stories and memories written by a unique group of individuals who are brought together by the power of cooking.

Food has always been a tradition in my family. However, it is not the food that makes the occasion special. The food is merely an excuse for everyone to come together and celebrate joy and laughter with the people that we love.

Don’t think of this as a book of recipies for dinners or desserts. Rather, think of this book as a recipe for creating new memories for your family and the opportunity to share your life and love with the people around you.