Stories and Sunsets

June 28, 2021

Rachel reading one of Sean's stories

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Stories and Sunsets

The weekend of June 4, 2021 we traveled to Wichita, Kansas to take the girls to Alexa’s house as we do every summer. Mary-Grace and Emma spend about a week or so in Wichita with their sister niece and nephews. They absolutely adore spending time with Alexa and her children. But this trip wasn’t like any other. It was a quiet drive. Very solemn, as we were pondered the stop we would all make in Olathe, at the hospice to say our last goodbye’s to Rachel.

Rachel (Linda Lee Jabara) died on June 7, 2021 three days later as we were heading back to Olathe. It was like she was waiting for Sean before she left us. Rachel was 72 years old.


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