Summertime in Minnesota is absolutely amazing. The summer days are bright and sunny. The temps normally range from the 70’s to 80’s and most of the time, there is virtually no wind. It’s one of the things I love most about it. Summers do seem extremely short. So it’s something we cherish and try to hold onto. Our once scheduled routines of school, activities, and homework are over.  Our days now consist of spending as much time outside that we possibly can, which include the St. Croix Beach.

When we first moved to Minnesota in June of 2011, we were quite surprised that there weren’t as many pools as we expected. Most Minnesotans’ swim in lakes and rivers and coming from Kansas, we weren’t quite used to that. The first summer here was quite the adventure, finding many new places to explore with the kids and experience as a family as first-timers. It was a whole new world.

Sean finds new ways of taking exploring to a whole new level; by scouting out the most inclusive places to visit.

After being here for a few weeks, Sean stumbled on quite a find; the Lake St Croix Beach, on the St. Croix River. Our family quickly fell in love with the sandy beaches and beautiful scenic views. It was quite a nice getaway for a day trip with the kids and now has become part of our regular summer routine. The girls love packing up their beach toys, inflatables, and snacks and spending a day that includes burying someone in the sand, sandcastles with Daddy and skipping rocks.

It’s amazing how this perfect hideaway spot has now become part of our Genosky summer tradition. No more chlorine filled pools for us; just the beautiful scenic views of the St. Croix River filled with hot air balloons, summer dreams, and love.